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  • Lock Jaw and Dentistry: The Relationship
    Trismus Cure Lock jaw is perhaps one of the most significant examples of what can happen when certain physical relationships between our jaws, dentition and occlusal functioning have lost total harmony. See and hear how restoring or recreating the natural relationships that are supposed to exist can affect symptoms of pain, trismus, migraines, tmj joint pain that can extend into the neck and shoulder areas. Original footage produced by Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.

  • Teeth Grinding: Identification and Treatment
    Stress Mouth Guard ABC News conducts an interview with Dr. Nancy Rosen, who describes and highlights the increase of dental treatment being requested of dentists that is related to teeth grinding. Modern times, economic realities and real or imagined loss of employment become major stressors for patients. Reports of cracked teeth, fractures, damaged restorations and even the flattening of rounded cusps on teeth are not uncommon. Footage developed by ABC News

  • Unbreakable Crowns for Grinders
    The Bruxzir Zirconium Crown has the unique quality of being indestructible. More and more dentists are discovering endurance qualities that are ideal for bruxers and grinders who often times destroy their restorations. Watch this very entertaining video that demonstrates how a heavy hammer is used to slam the Bruxzir crown alongside a traditional PFM crown.

  • TMJ Neuromuscular Concepts: Neck - Shoulder Pain
    Tinnitus Cure Santa Rosa dentist Dr. Klim discusses and outlines the dynamics of neuromuscular dentistry as it is practiced for the management of TMJ issues that commonly create symptoms of headaches, neck and shoulder pain, tinnitus (ringing of the ears) and other occlusal events and problems. Diagnostic equipment and procedures are reviewed, along with the fabrication of custom appliances to alter overall bite physics.

  • TMJ Neuromuscular Dentistry
    TMJ Cure TMJ and TMD Disorders can commonly involve the dynamics of a disturbed bite. Malocclusion and improperly aligned jaw structures can cause a variety of symptoms and functional problems including trismus, migraine headaches, teeth and jaw sensitivity, ear pain, biting problems (tongue biting), clicking or popping of jaw joints. Learn how Neuromuscular Dentistry is used to effectively treat these symptoms. Footage developed by CBS News.

  • TMJ Migraine Headaches in Children
    Childrens Migraine Cure Many people don't know that children can get migraine headaches just like adults which become quite disruptive in a child's every day activities. Bioesthetic dentistry is demonstrated in this video to be a sensible approach for diagnosing the root cause of pediatric migraine symptoms (totally missed by medical professionals) which led to the development of a successful treatment plan that eliminated symptoms and the need for medications. Original footage produced by Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.

  • Neuromuscular Management in Athletics
    Pure Power Mouth Guard Channel 9 Capital News Television in Rochester NY provides a prime time news report demonstrating the basic principles of how neuromuscular dentistry are used to alter the physical positioning relationships of the upper and lower jaws, creating a more healthful balance of the TMJoints. See the different types of instrumentation used for evaluating and determining treatment recommendations. Video produced by Channel 9. Material provided through Dr. Paul Sussman, Rochester New York

  • Mouth Guards: Pure Power Mouth Guard
    Sports Mouth Guard Product Demo This film clip outlines the importance of several musculoskeletal concepts including jawbone alignment and occlusal factors that can affect overall health and performance characteristics of persons involved in a variety of sports activities. Recommended viewing for patients with known or suspected Neurological Dentistry diagnosis and/or treatment needs. Video produced by Pure Power Mouth Guards. Material provided through Dr. Paul Sussman, Rochester New York

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